Photo Adventure – Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park with Children

It was Luke’s turn to pick where we went on vacation, and he said he “wanted to see a volcano.”  Ok then!  After consulting with my favorite travel consultant, Gary – who happened to be visiting at the time, we narrowed down our choices.  After talking everything through, we settled on Volcanoes National Park on […]

How to Get to Alaska National Park Sites

Alaska has a lot of great National Parks – but they are ridiculously hard to get to. Most of them are accessible by bush plane and the cost can be high. Some of the parks get less a minuscule amount of visitors as a result. Not all of the parks are hard to reach. Kenai […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Be Taking Your Children to Historical Sites

1. Historical Travel Can Help History Come Alive I think it is valuable to show children where battles were fought. Gettysburg’s field of battle was only 4 acres in size. Over 7,800 soldiers died. Those are just numbers. But standing on the field and realizing how small that was, how gruesome the sight would be… […]

A 1000 Islands and 1 Snake : Thousand Islands National Park – Ontario, Canada

I try to visit National Parks during any trip, and my trip to Ontario was no exception.  After checking a map, I found that except for Rouge National Urban Park, Thousand Islands was really the only park I was passing near.  So I took the bus to Kingston from Toronto, rented a car, and checked […]

Canada’s Park for the People – Rouge National Urban Park in Toronto, Ontario

National Parks, often called America’s Best Idea, were a great idea for Canada as well.  Very soon after the first National Park in America was established, Canada designated Banff their first National Park as well.  While Banff is well known, Canada has over 40 national parks at this time. Even though they have a fantastic […]