Friday Five – Five Difficult to Reach US National Parks I’m Dying to Visit

I love US National Parks.  Whether I go to see them by myself (like Katmai) or we all go as a family (like Great Smoky Mountains), I just love to see the natural beauty of our fine country.  I really would like to go to all the national parks.  However, some of them are just […]

Visiting Washita Battlefield National Historic Site in Oklahoma

Washita Battlefield National Historic Site is the site of an attack of a Cheyenne village by the US Cavalry. At dawn on November 27, 1868 Lt. Col Custer (remember him?) attacked a sleeping village lead by Peace Chief Black Kettle.  It is located in rural Oklahoma northwest of the town of Elk City. It is […]

The National Park Pass : Is it Worth It?

The only way we can travel as often as we do is to be very frugal in our travels.  We shop for the best deals, travel in the off season and try to stretch our travel dollars through pre-planning and careful spending. I recently tweeted that I was sitting down to do the math on […]

Photo Adventure : San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

Built in the 1700’s, the San Antonio Missions are some of the oldest structures in Texas. There are four mission sites and an aqueduct within the site, which spans miles south of downtown San Antonio. San Antonio recently petitioned UNESCO World Heritage for inclusion as a World Heritage Site. Inclusion would be a boom for […]

Visiting the Oklahoma City National Memorial with Young Children

I remember. I was 15 at the time, and homeschooled, so I watched days of coverage of the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. I was old enough to grasp the enormity of the event and the tragedy being felt by the families affected. All those memories started flowing back as we visited the Oklahoma City […]