All Hail the Power of Niagara Falls, Ontario

If you look at the bucket lists of any North American traveler, Niagara Falls has to be on it. It may not be the largest waterfall in the world, but it is definitely one of the most famous. The size and intensity of water flow has made Niagara Falls a place that draws travelers to […]

Becoming Little Botanists : Camp BRIT Review – Fort Worth, Texas

I often worry about my kids and the amount of time they spend connecting with nature.  We are a very technology driven household. While we strive to get the kids outdoors and explore America’s natural settings, I don’t always feel successful.  So when I seek out summer enrichment classes for them, I am always drawn […]

A 1000 Islands and 1 Snake : Thousand Islands National Park – Ontario, Canada

I try to visit National Parks during any trip, and my trip to Ontario was no exception.  After checking a map, I found that except for Rouge National Urban Park, Thousand Islands was really the only park I was passing near.  So I took the bus to Kingston from Toronto, rented a car, and checked […]

Where the Plants Look Like People – Mosaicultures Internationales at the Montreal Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens are often at the top of the list of “must see” places in Montreal.  Walking around the gardens, it was clear to see why.   Even though Montreal is green throughout the city, the Botanical Gardens were definitely special.  And then… I found out they were hosting the Mosaicultures Internationales festival. How […]

Photo of the Week : Sunrise at Batchewana Bay on the Eastern Shore of Lake Superior, Ontario

While in Canada this summer, I was able to go on a fantastic fly fishing trip in Northern Ontario.  On the last day of the trip, I was woken up by a mosquito buzzing next to my head.  So I rolled out of bed, walked down the beach a bit from my room at the Salzburger […]