Travel is an Education : Homeschool at Home, Unschooling on the Road

I’ve talked briefly about how we are homeschooling before. The whole concept is a little ironic. I was homeschooled in high school and feel I didn’t receive nearly as good of an education or experience as I would have in public school. It has made me an outspoken opponent of it, and then… I am […]

Yes, Texas Has Beaches! Playing in the Sand at Galveston Island State Park

Texas is usually known for barbecue, longhorn cows and western wear.  Even though Texas has a long coastline, I don’t think people think a lot about the coastal region.  People fly to California, Florida and Hawaii for the beaches, right?  Not Texas! There are several great beaches in Texas where the Gulf of Mexico crashes onto […]

Where to Go in Fort Worth with Kids

Fort Worth is a vibrant city that is often overshadowed by the larger city of Dallas. But Fort Worth is a cultural experience in it’s own right! Fort Worth has a much different feel. It’s been said that if Dallas is the last city of the East, Fort Worth is the first city of the […]

What Does the Inside of a Cactus Look Like? Investigating in Saguaro National Park

If you’ve ever looked at a large cactus, you have probably pondered the question “what does the inside of a cactus look like?”  It is hard to look at the spiny, pleated exterior of one and not wonder what is beneath. How does it stand? What does it look like inside? Wonder no longer – […]

Travel Tip : Cheap Beach Souvenirs – Name Photos

I’ve found that the more you travel, the less souvenirs you bring home.  You can only have so many trinkets and do-dads, and buying overpriced stuff for no reason other than you were there at that moment loses appeal.  If you don’t limit it, your house will look like this “bachelor’s bedroom” covered in action figures.  Not […]