The History of the Last Herd of Buffalo – Caprock Canyons State Park, Texas

For generations the buffalo were the Plains Indians’ source of food, clothing, tools and dwellings. These animals were gifts from their Gods, and each piece of the animal had a purpose. Even the buffalo chips were used as fuel. They were plentiful on the plains before the middle of the 1800’s, like pigeons in New […]

Friday Night Lights – It’s Real Y’all! High School Football in Texas

Last year, I was at a conference in Spain and I met two British ladies who worked for a travel company. When they heard I was from Texas, the first thing they asked me was if Friday Night Lights was an accurate portrayal of high school football in Texas. Yes ma’am! I might not have […]

Remembering the Dumas Sunray Disaster in 1956

We are headed back to the panhandle of Texas following a death in the family today. ¬†While this is a family disaster of sorts, heading to the area in such a somber mood brought my mind a sad historical event that brought the tiny area¬†notoriety. Driving into the Sunray and Dumas area, you can’t help […]