Photo Essay : Our Year Through Pictures – 2013

2013 has been an interesting year.  In some ways it has been amazing, and in other ways it has been amazingly hard.  One thing that I can say as this year comes to an end is that we are closer as a family.  Much of that is because of our travels.  It has given us […]

Being Married to a Pilot – Luck or Suck?

When it comes up that I’m married to a pilot, I usually get told how lucky I am and how they’d love to be in my shoes. I usually just smile and nod, but I know all they see is the flying standby for free. Truth is, just like everyone else’s life, it really can […]

Five Travel Lessons Every Child Should Learn

How to Figure Out Where They Are and Where They Are Going Despite being in a GPS driven world, map skills are still a lesson every child should learn.  As an adult, I still get lost frequently.  One of the first things I do when I’m in a new city for an extended period of […]

Ten Reasons Solo Travel Rules

I have arrived home from my epic Canadian adventure, and am continuing to ruminate about my experiences in my first real solo travel experience. I was taking a mommy break and traveled alone while the children visited the grandparents. Since I talked about how solo travel sucks last week, this week I’ll tell you how […]

How One Man’s Obsession Became Mine – The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota

The biggest ball of twine in Minnesota is in Darwin, about an hour and a half west of Minneapolis. Really. The ball is inside a plexiglas pagoda to protect it from the weather and the visitors. I have always wondered what it smelled like. I hate to think I may never know. The allure of […]