Five Travel Lessons Every Child Should Learn

How to Figure Out Where They Are and Where They Are Going Despite being in a GPS driven world, map skills are still a lesson every child should learn.  As an adult, I still get lost frequently.  One of the first things I do when I’m in a new city for an extended period of […]

Ten Reasons Solo Travel Rules

I have arrived home from my epic Canadian adventure, and am continuing to ruminate about my experiences in my first real solo travel experience. I was taking a mommy break and traveled alone while the children visited the grandparents. Since I talked about how solo travel sucks last week, this week I’ll tell you how […]

Friday Night Lights – It’s Real Y’all! High School Football in Texas

Last year, I was at a conference in Spain and I met two British ladies who worked for a travel company. When they heard I was from Texas, the first thing they asked me was if Friday Night Lights was an accurate portrayal of high school football in Texas. Yes ma’am! I might not have […]

Is This Your First Flight, Little Girl? Thoughts on Raising the Daughter of a Pilot

My daughter was asked this question on one of the last flights we took, and I know she’s been asked it before. “Is this your first flight, little girl?” the flight attendant asks. “No,” Claire answers.  But she’s not sure what to say next.  She’s six and she’s still unsure in conversations with strange adults. […]